Insulation Specialists

R H Insulation Services Ltd provide a variety of services within the commercial and industrial markets, ranging from cryogenics to steam and all forms of ventilation work. We can provide thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and fire cladding services.

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Thermal Insulation

Our primary service in the insulation industry is the application of Thermal Insulation to provide temperature containment to a variety of pipework and ductwork services including tanks, vessels, heat exchangers and calorifiers etc.

In most cases a Class "0" foil faced finish will be applied to all insulation prior to fitting, In addition to this we can provide a wide range of finishes to insulation surfaces for protection against impact and weather. These include aluminium cladding, PIB sheeting, Isogenopac sheeting, aluzinc cladding and coloured powedercoated aluminium.

Trace Heating

In addition to providing thermal insulation we are also able to provide trace heating for frost protection using the Raychem Winterguard system and temperature maintenance using the Raychem HWAT system.

Acoustic Insulation

We also install Acoustic Insulation to prevent sound being ommitted from ductwork services. We can install acoustic insulation over thermal insulation or direct to the outside of ductwork.

Fire Cladding

We carry out fire protection cladding to ductwork services using various different specifciations such as Rockwool Fire Duct Systems and Isover ULTIMATE Protect.

We can also offer Fire Stopping services to service penetrations using the wide range of Rockwool FirePro solutions.

Estimating Service

R H Insulation provide an excellent estimating service. We can offer you a price based on your drawings and specifications or we are happy to carry out on-site surveys to determine your requirements. The service is generally free of charge; to contact our Thermal Insulation estimating department please click here. To contact our Asbestos Removal estimating department please click here.

Insulation Specialists - White Aluminium Cladding
Thermal Insulation - White Aluminium Cladding
Thermal Insulation - Stucco Aluminium Cladding